About WESPA Youth Cup 2023

Youth Cup is an international event that brings together young Scrabble players from across the globe to compete against each other. The tournament is organized by the World English Language Scrabble Players Association (WESPA) and is designed to promote the game of Scrabble among young people.

Participants are generally between the ages of 6 to 17 and come from over 20 different countries. The WESPA Youth Cup provides a platform for young players to develop their skills, make new friends, and learn about different cultures.

The tournament is highly competitive and features multiple rounds of intense gameplay. Participants are tested on their word knowledge, strategy, and critical thinking skills.

Overall, the WESPA Youth Cup is an exciting event that celebrates the sport of Scrabble and the potential of young players. It encourages the growth of the game and fosters international relations among young people.

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